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Welcome to Resound Church OC!

No matter your age, demographic, or life story you are welcome here. At Resound, we operate on a global scale to reinvent the way in which we connect people to Jesus and each other. We hope to ring loud enough to fill the world with the sounds of the Gospel, and create an unforgettable church experience for all who pass through our doors. This site is your guide to all things Resound. We are so glad you are here!

Watch Past Messages on YouTube

Want to listen to, or watch a past message? Visit the Resound Church Orange County YouTube channel for sermons.

Re·Sound (verb):

  1. To fill a place with sound; be loud enough to echo
  2. To sing the praises of

Meet The Team

Luke & Alissa Reid

Global Senior Pastors

After living 14 years in the United America, Luke and Alissa Reid have moved from Orange County, California to Sydney, Australia. Their love for God and for people has always been the driving force behind their dedication to building church communities around the world.

They love to see people encounter God, be blessed by biblical teaching and to see family’s flourish. Their heart has always been to see strong faith filled communities grow in serving children, teens and adults with excellent, age specific programs and outreach opportunities.

Hailing originally from Sydney, Australia, Luke and Alissa established their roots in ministry. The seed was planted in the hearts of the Reid’s to begin a ministry of their own. That seed grew into what is now Resound Church. Their dedication to serving God propels them forward in their journey of expanding Resound Church into a worldwide movement. What began as just seven faithful members in their Oregon living room has evolved into multiple campuses with thousands of members across the US and Europe.

Resound Church is led by Luke Reid, proud father, husband, and man of God. Pastor Luke heard the calling to preach full time over 20 years ago and has since made waves in the world of ministry as a renowned speaker in many countries across several continents including New Zealand, Singapore, India, Australia, and Europe. He specializes in delivering bible based, relatable and relevant teaching for life; Pastor Luke’s words resonate with listeners of all demographics, backgrounds, and walks of life. In his church he prioritizes a healthy and wholesome community and culture above all else and takes the time to meet every person that crosses the threshold into the doors of Resound.

Alissa Reid is the passionate and wildly talented leader of Worship at Resound Church. Alissa’s remarkable ability to lead her life by faith is evident by the way in which she operates in the world— as a phenomenal mother, wife, and Woman of God. When worshipping, Alissa sings straight from the heart and soul. Her authenticity can be felt by all of those who get to experience it.

They greatly look forward to meeting all who make their way through the doors of Resound Church. From the familiar to the new, the coming to stay, or just passing through— all are welcome.

Get Connected

NEXT Steps

So you’ve been to Resound Church, and want to know more on how to further get involved? The next steps would be NEXT, our development and connection class that meets for three weeks beginning the second week of every month. NEXT aims to break down the walls that keep us disengaged and discover the very skills that make you, you. It’s a free, fun, and fulfilling way to participate and identify your individuality. Sign up today!

Community Groups

At Resound Church, we believe that life doesn’t just happen in rows, it also happens in groups. Community groups are a core value of Resound Church, and a great way for you to get to know more people who share similar interests too.

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Every other Sunday 10:30am

Aliso Creek Beach [On the Lawn]

31131 S. Pacific Coast Hwy.
Laguna Beach, CA 92652